Who We Are

Oshea Beauty is a Canadian-created beauty brand developed by beauty experts with an extensive background in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering effective, quality and guilt-free products that have been carefully researched and developed to fit our values. All of our goodies are vegan, cruelty-free and free of any and all harsh chemicals (and they smell AH-MAZE-ING).

We have a true love and passion for beauty, health and lifestyle that is driven from one common desire: empowerment. Our goal is not solely to provide women with products and tools that will correct and maintain skin health without having to compromise the source of the ingredients. We also want women to FEEL beautiful, confident and shameless. We want you to love your skin, be unapologetically true-to-you and live your best life.

With that said, we always want to know what our badass babes are winning at and we love feedback so that we can ensure we are offering our customers nothing less than what they want. Tag us on Instagram or send us an email to share your feedback on our products or to share an inspirational story with us that we can repost to the Oshea social family!